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Click to enlarge - Glacier HikingTatshenshini/Alsek Trip

The river of Glaciers and Grizzlies

Rated as one of the top ten river trip in the world. The Tatshenshini is located in the largest preserve in the world which consists of Glacier Bay National Park, BC Tatshenshini Provincial Park, Kluane National Park and Yukon Game Preserve. This is the largest non-polar ice field in the world.

Carving its way through the St. Elias Range, the Tatshenshini has gained a reputation as one of the best rafting trips in the world.Our trips start at Dalton Post bordering Kluane National Park in the southwest Yukon.

The canyon run of the first day gradually gives way to widening panoramic views of the 15,000 foot-high-peaks and glacier-covered valleys. The long hours of daylight and the flexibility built into our trips allows time for side hikes or an extra day at iceberg-filled Alsek Lake. The scenery is simply overwhelming.

We do not follow a specific schedule, but prefer to run the trips catering to the speed of the group and preferences for hiking, photography or layover days.

Tatshenshini River Expedition

Day 1

We meet in Whitehorse and drive to Haines Junction, where we stop for lunch, after which we continue to Dalton Post, located in Kluane Game Sanctuary. The guides will prepare for the next day's start on the river and you will be able to explore this historic site.

Day 2-10

Put-in at Dalton Post and raft to Dry Bay, Alaska. The pace on the river is relaxed and the schedule varies from trip to trip depending on the mood of the group and the weather. Time is set aside for hiking and resting, usually at Goat Mountain, Sediment or Tat Creek, Walker Glacier or Alsek Lake.

The Tatshenshini starts as a narrow, fast flowing river, with most of the whitewater being concentrated in the first day of paddling. The upper section rapids are graded as III - IV. After the rapids the river enters the "Quiet Canyon" where it widens in size and we begin to pass through remarkable valleys.

If you choose to participate in the hikes, you will see many different types of wild flowers and wildlife, including perhaps moose, grizzly bear, wolf and goats.

When you reach the confluence with the Alsek River, the river begins to braid into many channels. Numerous glaciers surround you. You float past the many peaks which surround the valley, including 15,300 foot Mt. Fairweather. The thunderous sound of glacier ice calving into the river can be heard from miles away.

Day 11

Return to Whitehorse from the air strip at Dry Bay via charter aircraft. Arrival in Whitehorse scheduled for early afternoon.


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First trip: June 19th to June 29th

Second Trip: July 3rd to July 13th

Cost: $3850

McNeil River: 6 days of pure fun!


The perfect northern wilderness river trip


Fishing on the McNeil RiverThe McNeil starts at McNeil Lake in the St Cyr Range, which is located about 30 miles north east of Quiet Lake. The trip begins in moose pond country, an area with plenty of wildlife, great fishing, a panoramic view of the mountains and ideal hiking. We will encounter many moose, depending on how quietly we travel, it could be five or twenty-five.


At the end of the Moss Lake the river enters a busy 5 kms long grade II canyon, with sharp corners and beautiful walls. Below the canyon the McNeil flows into the Nisutlin River, it doubles in size and slows down to a gentle pace until you enter the Nisutlin Canyon. There, you are in for 10 kms of continuous grade III+ whitewater. This section is great fun; clear water, well defined chutes and wave trains and big eddies where you can pull over to stop and enjoy the scenery.


Below the Nisutlin Canyon the river is fast moving but without the busy action of the upper section. The valley widens and you float through one of the highest moose populations in the Yukon.


The McNeil is a fly-in trip. We drive to Quiet Lake located on the South Canol Road and then use a float plane to get to the put-in. The take-out is located at the Nisutlin River Campground on the South Canol.


Moose Click to enlarge - McNeil River Hiking


August 4th  to August 9th or all summer long departures for a group of 4 or more.

Special McNeil Canoe trip with raft support. Dates from August 14 th to August 19th.

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Cost: $2150

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Alsek River Trip

The Wildest and Remote River Trip

The Alsek River flows southward from its source at the confluence of the Dezadeash and Kaskawulsh Rivers, through large glaciated valleys of the St. Elias Mountains. Rugged glacial valleys are home for wild populations of grizzly bear and mountain goat. Arctic plant life clings to the light glaciated soils. Sand dunes and glacial till provide a contrasting environment for the diverse and fragile vegetation found here.

Breathtaking vistas of large valley glaciers such as the Lowell and Fisher offer the river visitor glimpses of the heart of Kluane.

Our six-day trip ends at Turnback Canyon which was created by the immense Tweedsmuir glacier. You paddle through a gorge similar to that of the Grand Canyon with some large Grade IV rapids.

The four-day trip ends at Lowell Lake, thus avoiding the whitewater sections of the Alsek River.

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August 2nd to 9th

Cost: $ 2600 to Lowell Lake

           $ 3400 to Turnback Canyon



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